Develop your digital learning resources with the help of Swedish Edtest

Develop your digital learning resources with the help of Swedish Edtest

There are many benefits of testing your learning resources with Swedish Edtest! Firstly, your business will be put in contact with educators who want to test your digital learning resources and our unique testing method is based on scientific insight and best practice. 

This all combines to create a research programme which prioritises reflection and review of your product with educators and other relevant colleagues. Swedish Edtest will also help you increase your knowledge and understanding of the educators you’re looking to reach and how best to design products for them. Your company will also receive a diploma certifying that you participated in the Swedish Edtest programme. 

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Så här gör ni om ni vill testa

En förutsättning för att vara delaktig i Swedish Edtest är att ni är medlemmar i Swedish Edtech Industry.

  • Kontrollera om bolaget är medlem i Swedish Edtech Industry. Om ja, går det bra att anmäla er via länken under nästa rubrik. Om nej, ta kontakt via intresseformuläret här.
  • Säkerställ också att den digitala lärresursen är testbar, dvs att det finns mer än bara en idéskiss.  
  • Ta fram en beskrivning av vad ni vill testa med lärresursen och vilken återkoppling ni behöver för att kunna vidareutveckla er produkt ytterligare.

How to run a test

Swedish Edtest provides support to all companies before, during and after their tests with education institutions. The first step is to create an account with us, describe the digital learning resource you want to test and then create a test programme. After that, interested educators will get in touch and register to work with you. After running a test, testing companies and participating teachers will be awarded a diploma. 

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Frequently asked questions

How long does a test take to complete? 

It varies. All tests must be carried out within the ongoing work of the institution and so the educator chooses when it best fits in with his / her planning and schedule. When setting up the test, companies are advised to make their preferred deliverables and timeframes clear. 

What support do we get from Swedish Edtest? 

Swedish Edtest is responsible for all programme administration and supports all of the interactions between the education institutions and the EdTech companies. There is also a local project manager from the institution’s owner who participates in and who supports the planning and implementation of the test. 

Does Swedish Edtest require a formal contract to participate? 

We have a standard agreement available for everyone to use. This is signed by the institution’s lead contact and the testing company. We also provide policies, support and information relating to sensitive topics such as the handling and management of personal data (GDPR) and communicating / engaging with caregivers. 

Can all EdTech companies participate? 

Yes as long as you meet the following requirements: 

●     The digital learning resource must have a digital form and must be testable. 

●     You should be able to provide a description of the specific part of your resource you’re looking to test and what feedback you’re looking to receive to improve your resource further. 

What do EdTech companies need to do? 

It is expected that all companies should have a clearly defined focus for your test and that the feedback received will be used to further improve your digital learning resource. It is also expected that companies should follow the test guide and testing methodology outlined by Swedish Edtest at all times. 

Swedish Edtest is not a marketplace, so the focus is on dialogue and development rather than sales. Companies are welcome to book and lead any follow-up and / or further evaluation work with your testing educators. 

Who can we test our resources with? 

Swedish Edtest is run by senior education professionals working across the Swedish education system. This includes preschool, elementary school, high school, vocational institutions and universities. Tests are currently underway with educators at all of these levels. 

Does it cost anything to test our product? 

No - there’s no cost to participate in Swedish Edtest and no compensation is paid to educators or EdTech companies involved in a test. The purpose of a test is to gain valuable insight and knowledge about how your learning resource can be further developed and improved to fit the educator’s needs even more closely. It is important to note that any tests you conduct must not be linked to a future commercial agreement with the testing institution.