Improve your EdTech products in Sweden’s national test bed

Swedish EdTest, Sweden’s first national EdTech testbed, is now open. It has been specifically designed to help businesses sharpen the development of new digital learning services. Students and teachers began testing the EdTech products in Spring 2020. To get involved in this and future research phases, register your interest today.

Testing during the Spring 2021

Prepare for the test

How will Swedish EdTest help my business?

The testbed will connect Swedish schools and colleges with providers of EdTech products from across Europe and Scandinavia. It will enable your business to:

  • Work with educators to improve the design of your EdTech products
  • Test products in real academic environments and prove their value
  • Understand key product use cases and hone go-to-market strategies
  • Support teachers to choose, use and implement EdTech more effectively
How will it work?
  1. Municipalities and educational institutions 
  2. EdTech businesses register their interest and are fully evaluated
  3. Participating teachers and students and principals identify their challenges / needs
  4. Those needs are matched with registered companies
  5. Both parties agree the specifics for each test
  6. Swedish EdTest support the test with a common testing methodology as well as test planning and preparation
  7. After the test, a detailed evaluation takes place.
  8. Results are shared with participants and stored with the Swedish EdTest for analysis.
  9. EdTech businesses can use the research feedback to improve their solution or to demonstrate its effectiveness with key audiences.

Swedish EdTest is open to companies from around the world as long as their product/service is relevant to and matches the needs of learners in Sweden.

About us

Swedish Edtest is Sweden’s first national testbed for edtech. Swedish Edtest is initiated by the Municipality of Nacka and has thirteen partners from the whole value chain around lifelong learning. The aim and ambition behind Swedish Edtest is to narrow the gap between learning and digital development. With a narrowing gap, digital tools and teaching methods can be developed together, address real needs in the “classrooms” and thereby strengthen teachers’ competence to choose and evaluate learning resources.  

We know that both teachers and Edtech companies have problems to meet and create value and mutual learnings in the interface between them. Companies have a hard time finding teachers that are willing to test new digital learning tools and teachers doesn´t always know what to look for or if they are “allowed” to cooperate and test with private stakeholders.

We also know that testing is going on in Sweden, but often without a model, method, processes and know-how to conduct evidence-based evaluation and implementation of new (digital) learning tools.

Swedish Edtest therefore focuses on developing the process of testing, evaluating and choosing learning resources in everyday learning environments such as schools, work-places and universities.

The method and processes that are developed are based on research in didactics but also strongly consider the everyday life in school and teacher workload. The tests are designed to take approximately six weeks and should be able to fit in to regular teaching. Swedish Edtest supports the teacher and companies before, during and after the test. The most important factor our method focuses on is to identify early why you are testing a certain product and with what aim.

Swedish Edtest is not aiming at formally certifying quality in edtech products.   Success for us means teachers that feel empowered to choose and evaluate  digital learning tools and companies that know more about everyday life in the classroom.

Download agreement for Swedish Edtest.

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Hanna Elving, Project lead

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