Swedish Edtest test program 2021

The academic year 2021 has just started, and Swedish Edtest looks forward to providing support to companies and teachers to meet digitally, find their match and test together.

This Springs’s tests begin with a digital match during 15-26 March.

Edtech companies that want to test their products and services can register their interest already now and no later than 5 February.

Sign up here:  https://swedishedtest.typeform.com/to/OVAB2JqL

Why should edtech companies test with Swedish Edtest?

The companies that participate in the tests with Swedish Edtest say that they learn about the real needs in teaching and knowledge that they can directly use in their product development. The companies also appreciate getting contacts and references.

Why should teachers test?

The teachers who tested with Swedish Edtest say that it is a good way to quickly understand how teaching with digital learning resources can be developed. The teachers also say that it is a way to increase their digital competence and become better at choosing and evaluating quality in new teaching materials. In addition, students appreciate testing.


Swedish Edtest is constantly evolving and here are some improvements ahead of the autumn.

– The digital matching takes place on a common platform

– Test method and test process are clearer

– Participating teachers and companies receive a report and test certificate after completing the test

Preparations for matching and testing for you as a company

 Film and logo

You make a short film of 30 – 45 seconds that describes your product and why the teacher should test it.

The film will be posted on edtest.se and will attract you to book a digital meeting with you to find out more.

When you submit the film, you also agree that it will be published and distributed in the channels used by Swedish Edtest.

Tips on what the film should contain

Product name

Who should use it (preschool, year 1-3, University etc.)

Create interest by describing:

– What in your product you want to test together with teachers to get their feedback

– Therefore, your product is interesting to test

– Your product contributes to the development of ……

– In this way, the teachers can develop in their profession by testing and using your product

Some tips for the recording

– Preferably sit by a window (avoid direct sunlight on you), facing the window.

– Place your mobile phone firmly in front of you on a table. Support your mobile phone against your computer screen, or a pile of books or the like.

– Place the mobile phone in a horizontal position, so that the video image is in landscape format.

– Feel free to use the microphone on the mobile phone’s cord, to avoid annoying background noise.

– Record with the camera located on the screen side of the phone, so you can see yourself when recording.

– Feel free to sit in the middle of the picture, with some air above your head, and your shoulders visible.

Technology and format

Save the movie in MOV alt MPEG4 format

We want the company logo in PNG, 300×300 pixels

The film and the company logo, you send to our communicator carin.carlsdotterdenell@nacka.se no later than 5 february. We publish the films, logo and the information you provide in the registration of interest on an ongoing basis, so the sooner we get it from you, the more people can see it.

Test program spring 2021

1. Companies register

Edtech companies register no later than 5 February https://swedishedtest.typeform.com/to/OVAB2JqL

2. Information about participating companies is updated

Edtest.se continuously updates which companies participate in the test round and teachers can jointly discuss what is interesting to test.

3. Teachers register

A schedule where teachers can register for different meeting times to meet the companies digitally is created. The schedule is expected to be ready during week 6.  

4. Matchmaking meetings

The digital meetings when companies and teachers are matched take place 15-26 March. Several teachers can attend the same meeting.

Each company will be given a number of 15-minute timeslots to meet and discuss a possible test with interested teachers.  We will also give companies support in how they can lead the conversation. It is important that this is not a sales pitch but a conversation where teachers can ask questions and discuss.

5. Test planning

You book a start-up meeting with the teachers who want to test your product. The project manager from each school will attend and support in the planning and preparations.

6. Test

Spring 2021 tests are taking place in real teaching environments

7. Tests end

The tests are evaluated. Participating teachers and companies receive a test certificate