17 augusti 2021
Av Edtest

Meet Lexplore participating in Educate

In September, Lexplore is one of five companies participating in the EDUCATE Ventures Research research accelerator that we are conducting with Swedish Edtech Industry and researchers Anna Åkerfeldt and Italo Masiello. Here they share their thoughts on participation.
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Meet Lexplore participating in Educate

What value does your product create for pupils / students’ learning?
-Through objective and accurate assessment of reading Lexplore enables directed interventions, detailed follow-up, and sharing of best practices across classrooms, schools and districts. The value of Lexplore to students learning is a common denominator for reading development.

What development do you hope to be able to take with the help of the Educate program?
-We strive to be better at determining which classroom practices that makes makes for better progress compared to others. We hope that the Educate program will help us to find indicators to track, but also discuss path to progress from pedagogical perspective.

Why is it important that Swedish edtech companies work with evidence-based?
-The practice Swedish EdTech companies promote must be rooted in the science of learning to enable cumulative improvements. It’s important to be able to verify what works and share those results with others to build upon. It’s also important to establish a shared language and common evaluation procedures to get metrics that point in the right direction.

In picture: Gustaf Öqvist Seimyr and Anna Kraft