Develop digital learning resources with Swedish Edtest

  • National test bed for digital learning resources
  • Research based method for testing in classroom situations
  • Increased capacity to choose and evaluate digital learning resources
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Develop your ability to value digital learning resources

  • Your ability to critically examine digital learning resources is strengthened.
  • You contribute to developing quality in digital learning resources.
  • You will receive a diploma as proof that your participation, that your digital skills have been strengthened.

Edtech companies

Develop digital learning resources with users

  • We connect you with educators who want to test your digital learning resource.
  • You gain increased knowledge about real teaching needs and how to design for them.
  • You will receive a diploma proving that you have tested with Swedish Edtest.


Collaborate with edtech developers and teachers

  • We connect you with teachers who use digital learning resources in their teaching.
  • We connect you with edtech companies that develop digital learning resources.
  • You gain access to schools and will be given opportunity to conduct research on digital learning.

Therefore, you should test with us

Swedish Edtest enables qualitative testing of digital learning resources.

  • Swedish Edtest enables qualitative testing of digital learning resources.
  • Our test bed is a meeting place that gives you knowledge before both investing in and selling edtech.
  • We increase the competence of educators and edtech companies and strengthen relationships in the education sector.
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A variety of digital learning resources

Edtech companies and educators who want to influence the development of digital learning resources meet and enable tests in teaching.

  • Here are interesting learning resources to test.
  • It is easy to find something for your particular teaching.
  • Free tests and support in planning and conducting your tests.
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