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Swedish Edtest, a hub where teachers and edtech developers can meet in real teaching situations to create effectiveness and quality in the use of digital learning resources,

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Swedish Edtest is Sweden's first national platform where digital learning resources are evaluated and tested. It serves as a hub where teachers and edtech developers can meet in real teaching situations to collectively assess how digital learning resources can be designed to meet the needs in education. The evaluations and tests are conducted with a systematic method based on research and theories of learning.

Through Swedish Edtest, we reduce the gap between users and suppliers, increase understanding and knowledge so that better digital learning resources can be developed to improve teaching and meet the real needs of users. At the same time, the teachers' ability to select and evaluate digital learning resources is strengthened.

Working with Swedish Edtest is a great way for school and other education leaders to work with policy, curriculum and national digitalisation strategies in a hands-on and practical way. 

2020-2022: From Vinnova Project to Ifous

Swedish Edtest started in 2020 as a Vinnova project, and since then, over 50 companies have participated in the evaluation and testing process along with hundreds of teachers. Tests have been conducted in all school forms across various educational organisers. Evaluations conducted in the end of the project period showed that participating teachers gained increased digital competence, and their ability to critically examine and evaluate digital learning resources strengthened. Participating companies obtained important references, contacts, and valuable feedback for their product development.

In the spring of 2022, the Vinnova project ended, and Swedish Edtest found a home at Ifous, which now owns and continues to develop and adapt the digital platform with its method support.

2024: A More Data-Driven Approach and AI

Swedish Edtest contributes to a systematic evaluation of digital learning resources and concretizes the documents' statements about digital competence. The update of the digital platform and method support in February 2024 means the possibility of an even more data-driven approach, where evaluations are saved and aggregated for reflection and discussion and as a basis for investing in relevant teaching materials. The content and support material are also updated with AI-related questions.

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Examples of learning resources evaluated and tested with Swedish Edtest

Astrid, Binogi, Chatta, Class Q, Creaza, Cricut, Edaider, edChild, Eddler, Flinkit, Focus Mindball, Freken, Gimi, Gleerups, Good Learning, Grasple, Grow Planet, Hypocampus, Inläsningstjänst, imagiLabs, Kattalo, Kunskapsmedia, Language Clubhouse, Lieber, Ludenso, Matteappen, Minnety, Mema, Moka Mera Emotions, Moka Mera Lingua, Moomin, Digilär, No Isolation, Peppy Pals, Reflectus, Simbound, Skoltavlan Jr, Snowflake, Sound Lily, Spinview, Strawbees, Studybee, Study Cat, Sveriges Historia, Tinky, Vitec MV, Weco Play, Your Next Concepts 

Methodological support on a scientific basis

The method support developed within Swedish Edtest is based on theories of learning, previous research, and development work aimed at supporting teachers in evaluating and engaging in critical discussions about digital teaching resources and their use in schools.

Learn more about the development of the method support here. (in Swedish)

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