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Sveriges första nationella testarena

Swedish Edtest is a vital community that strengthens educators' digital skills so that they can make more informed demands of the digital learning resources they need and use. It also acts to improve EdTech companies' understanding of life in the classroom and to highlight how their services could be improved. Bringing together educators, students and EdTech companies to test products with real users also contributes to the improved development and use of digital learning resources.

Our goal is to reduce the gap between customers and suppliers, so that better digital tools can be developed to enhance teaching and address users’ real needs. At the same time, we will also work to strengthen the ability of educators to choose and evaluate digital learning resources. 

During the first two years of the programme, over 350 educators (including over 150 preschool teachers) and more than 50 EdTech companies have participated in our tests. Our evaluations show that educators improved their digital skills and enhanced their ability to critically examine and select digital learning resources. Participating companies gained important customer contacts and testimonials as well as invaluable feedback which can be used for product and business development. 

Working with Swedish Edtest is a great way for school and other education leaders to work with policy, curriculum and national digitalisation strategies in a hands-on and practical way. 

https://www.regeringen.se/informationsmaterial/2017/10/regeringen-beslutar-om-nationell-digitaliseringsstrategi- pre-school vase / 

Swedish Edtest is a community that plays a unique role in developing schools and other education institutions. 

The following learning resources have been tested with Swedish Edtest

Astrid, Binogi, Chatta, Class Q, Creaza, Cricut, Edaider, edChild, Eddler, Flinkit, Focus Mindball, Freken, Gimi, Gleerups, Good Learning, Grasple, Grow Planet, Hypocampus, Inläsningstjänst, imagiLabs, Kattalo, Kunskapsmedia, Language Clubhouse, Lieber, Ludenso, Matteappen, Minnety, Mema, Moka Mera Emotions, Moka Mera Lingua, Moomin, Digilär, No Isolation, Peppy Pals, Reflectus, Simbound, Skoltavlan Jr, Snowflake, Sound Lily, Spinview, Strawbees, Studybee, Study Cat, Sveriges Historia, Tinky, Vitec MV, Weco Play, Your Next Concepts 

Metodstöd på vetenskaplig grund

Metodstödet som utvecklats inom Swedish Edtest bygger på teorier om lärande, tidigare forskning och utvecklingsarbete som gjorts i syfte att stötta lärare i att värdera och föra kritiska samtal om digitala lärresurser och dess användning i skolan.

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