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Swedish Edtest provides you with the opportunity to evaluate, test and develop your digital learning resources in collaboration with teachers.

Develop your digital learning resources with the help of Swedish Edtest

Through Swedish Edtest, you gain access to a scientifically grounded testing method based on didactic research and theories of learning. Here, you engage with teachers who assess and test your products based on the purpose of their teaching. The digital platform offers a framework and a clear process, creating systematics and generating data that enable reflection on the usage and design of your digital learning resources. At the same time, your understanding of teaching and instructional needs increases. As a bonus, you receive a diploma to showcase your participation.

Learn more about how it works below.

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How it works


  • Membership in Swedish Edtech Industry. If you are not members, start by contacting the association via the interest form.
  • Ensure that your product is ready for use in teaching, i.e., more than just a prototype or concept sketch.
  • Identify the relevant areas you want to be evaluated and tested so that you can describe it and the feedback you need as clearly as possible. Swedish Edtest support material is based on four overarching areas for evaluation/testing: Subject Content, Skills and Abilities, Own Content, Assessment and Documentation, and two areas for adult education: Distance Education and Independent Work.
  • Also note that the digital plattform and tool is in Swedish and that it is desirable that you have Swedish-speaking staff.

Step by Step

  • Account and Visibility:
  1. Register your company and create an account.
  2. Once the account is approved, you can create your profile, describe the company, and add the teaching resources you want to be evaluated and tested.
  3. When the teaching resource is approved, it becomes visible on the page with resources. Interested teachers can then contact you.
  4. Linked to a teaching resource, you can also create test occasions, add additional and more specific information about what you want to test based on the method support's different areas. Interested teachers can then sign up directly for a test occasion.
  5. Occasionally, matching events and knowledge exchanges, EdtestTalks, are arranged, where you have the opportunity to share more about your company and your teaching resources. Check our calendar.
  • Evaluation and Testing Process:
  1. The process consists of five steps, and your company manages the process digitally, marking the steps as completed to proceed and access the available support materials.
  2. After expressing interest, preparations begin, where you collectively determine the duration of the evaluation and testing period and when/how follow-ups occur. Various support, such as template agreements, checklists, etc., are available for use as needed.
  3. During the implementation phase, participants receive digital support in the form of evaluation questions, summaries, and reflection questions. When they are done, a notification is sent to you.
  4. At the end of the evaluation and testing period, participants also conduct an evaluation that generates a report to your company, providing additional insights into how you can further develop your teaching resource.
  5. When the testing period concludes, all participants receive a diploma and a brief survey about Swedish Edtest to help us refine and develop method support.

Frequently asked questions

How long does an evaluation take?

It varies. All evaluations are conducted within the school, and the teacher chooses when it fits into their schedule. You decide on the time frames together, but be prepared for adjustments. On average, it usually takes about three hours from start to finish (including startup, evaluation, follow-up, and final evaluation), but calendar time may vary.

What support does Swedish Edtest provide?

Swedish Edtest supports you along the way, when and if desired, both with handling formalities and technical preparations and with matching and knowledge exchanges. Ideally, there should be a local process leader at the teacher's school organizer participating and supporting in planning, implementation, and follow-up.

Are any agreements needed?

If needed, Swedish Edtest has a template agreement that regulates what applies between the school organizer and your company. There are also procedures for handling issues such as GDPR-compliance and tips on how guardians can be informed.

What is expected of us?

Your company needs to be a member of Swedish Edtech Industry. You should also have a clearly defined interest and a willingness to use the feedback in the development of the digital learning resource. Swedish Edtest's digital tool is to be used, and you are responsible for administrating the process in the digital platform. Additionally, it is expected that your company respects that the main focus is on dialogue and development, not sales. You are welcome to take responsibility for booking and leading the follow-up and evaluation work with the participating teachers.

With whom can we evaluate and test?

Swedish Edtest is operated by Ifous, a member organization for school organizers with responsibility for all school forms: preschool, primary school, high school, and adult education. You have the opportunity to evaluate and test your products together with teachers working for school organizers who are members of Ifous. There is also the possibility to test learning resources within the framework of Vocational Education and Training (VET).

Is there a cost to participate?

No, there is no extra cost, and no compensation is provided to participating teachers or edtech companies. The purpose is to gain insights and knowledge about how a learning resource can be further developed to better fit teaching and instruction. It is essential to understand that any evaluations made should not be linked to the possibility of a potential future business with the participating school organizers.

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