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Swedish Edtest provides an overview and insight into why and how digital learning resources are used in your shools.

Systematics in the selection of digital learning resources

When teachers actively and systematically use the support and digital tools offered by Swedish Edtest, you, as educational organizers and principals, gain an overview and insight into how and why digital learning resources are used in your schools. Simultaneously, the digital competence of teachers increases. You obtain a basis for documentation and inventory for investments and purchases, as well as for reflection and discussion on when digital learning resources are effective and should be used.

By creating a structure for your use of Swedish Edtest, you can also seize the learning that takes place and establish a system for an everyday integrated evaluation of digital learning resources.

Swedish Edtest:

  • Provides an overview and insight into how your teachers use digital learning resources.
  • Offers a basis for evaluating both your existing learning material and new ones to invest in.
  • Enhances teachers' digital competence and ability to select and evaluate digital learning resources based on the purpose of teaching.
  • Is grounded in research and theories of learning.
  • Allows teachers to evaluate and test learning resources directly in the classroom without commitments to the company.
  • Is a vendor-neutral platform designed, among other things, to provide support and information for procurement and acquisition.
  • Contributes to companies becoming better at adapting and developing learning resources based on existing needs.

Learn more about how it works below.

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How it works


  • Membership in Ifous: To participate in Swedish Edtest, you, as an educational organizer or school administrator, need to be members of Ifous. If you are not members, learn more about membership and get in touch with us.
  • Local Process Leader: While it is not mandatory, we recommend having local process leaders to create a systematic approach and fully benefit from Swedish Edtest. These leaders can support teachers throughout the process and capture reflections and evaluations.
  • Note that the digital platform and tool is in Swedish.

Step by Step

  1. As an educational organizer (principal, school manager, or local process leader), create an account here.
  2. Provide us with information about the contact person (local process leader) who will handle practical questions, networking, and exchanges.
  3. Teachers create their accounts here
  4. On the page with learning resources, teachers then contact the companies whose products they are interested in evaluating and testing. Together, they plan and set up the evaluation process. Note: If you are missing some companies/learning resources, contact us!
  5. It is the companies who administrate the process digitally, completing the various steps so that participants can access the available support materials. In the preparation phase, template agreements and checklists are available if desired. During the implementation phase, teachers receive support in the form of evaluation questions, summaries, and reflection questions.


  • Conduct an inventory of the digital teaching materials/resources you currently use to ensure that they are also evaluated and tested. If any of them are missing on the learning resources page, please contact us.
  • It is important for teachers to use the available digital tool so that the evaluations they perform can be aggregated and used by you and in dialogue with the companies.
  • In addition to the digital tool and its materials, we offer various forms of support along the way, such as information and anchoring, training, and matching between teachers and companies. Check our calendar and get in touch with us, and we'll plan the best setup for you.