Code of conduct

Code of conduct on the Swedish Edtest digital test arena

Swedish Edtest's vision is to develop school, education and learning so that we have citizens who are well educated throughout life and contribute to a sustainable and democratic society. The driving force in the test bed is to reduce the gap between learning and digital development in order to develop teaching and get digital tools that address real needs and strengthen teachers' competence to choose and evaluate learning resources.

Tests within the framework of the Swedish Edtest are based on voluntary participation from testing companies, teachers and students.

All products and services tested must be provided free of charge during the entire test period for the business where the tests are performed. There is no guarantee for future business with the principal / training provider with whom the company has tested.

Swedish Edtest is a partnership for learning and development of digitization of education and learning. Registered principals, educators and companies at the Swedish Edtest test arenas have a joint responsibility for using the tests for development and learning purposes. It means:

  • We respect that participation takes place on a voluntary basis.
  • We respect that all contacts that take place in the test arena take place within the framework of a preparation or implementation of a test.
  • We are clear about our expectations of a test and do our utmost to live up to them throughout the test.
  • We participate in reconciliations and evaluations and announce in good time if we are prevented.
  • We do not use the test as a sales channel but always enter into a test with a clear development purpose.
  • We use the Swedish Edtest method and test guide.
  • We provide honest and constructive feedback during a test - that's what drives quality.

It is in the interface between learning and digital technology that development is created. We are all in that interface and it is when we are curious about each other's knowledge and differences that learning is created. Take advantage of that chance!