Develop your skills in evaluating digital learning resources

Develop your skills in evaluating digital learning resources

Swedish Edtest gives preschool teachers, teachers, educators and school owners the opportunity to take an active role in the development and implementation of digital learning resources in Swedish education.  

Testing with Swedish Edtest provides many benefits. For example, all the teachers who have tested with us to date feel that they have increased their personal digital skills. Through Swedish Edtest you will improve your ability to select and evaluate digital resources and you will explore new teaching tools that will help develop your students’ learning. You will be given access to a system and test method that is built upon scientific principles. This will help you evaluate the digital learning resources - both individually and collaboratively. When you have participated in and completed a test programme, you will also receive a diploma as proof of your participation and continuing digital competence. 

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How to test

  • Create an account and a profile on Swedish Edtest. 
  • As an educator, identify your needs and what you want to test. 
  • Companies that want their products to be tested are presented on 
  • Choose which companies you want to meet to learn more about and then book an appointment for the first meeting. 
  • If running a test works for both parties, a planning meeting will be booked by you, the company or the local project manager. Swedish Edtest will support all participants with the organisation and preparation for the meeting. 
  • As the educator carrying out the test, it will be your choice how many users will participate in the test, how long the test period will be and when you will check in with the company. Swedish Edtest provides a standard test guide to be used as part of our test method. 
  • After the test, you, as the educator, will provide an evaluation which will become the test report. This will provide valuable feedback for the company about how they can continue to develop their learning resource. 
  • All test participants who complete the entire test process will be awarded a diploma of participation. 

It is important to note that educators who test the digital resources are not committed to making any future purchases of the product(s). 

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Frequently asked questions

How long does a test take? 

All tests must be carried out in a live teaching environment but it is entirely up to you to choose what fits into your own planning. On average, the process of having a kick-off, check-in and evaluation will take approximately three hours in total. This whole process, from start to finish, should be planned in collaboration with the company whose product you will test. 

What support will I get with the practical elements of the test? 

As an educator, you do not have to deal with any formalities or technical preparations. The school owners who have agreed to participate in Swedish Edtest have a local project manager who will support institutions to handle these issues. Swedish Edtest has a template agreement that details what has been agreed between an owner and the testing company. There are policies in place for dealing with issues such as GDPR and advice about how caregivers are kept informed. 

Does it cost anything? 

No! Furthermore, you are not committed to any future purchases. 

What can I test? 

Swedish Edtest focuses on digital teaching materials and learning resources used in teaching from preschool to college. The companies that want to test with us offer everything from mathematics teaching aids to games about sustainability and creative arts projects. Our website is regularly updated to show which companies are interested in having their products tested. 

What is expected of me? 

It is important that you take the time to plan and carry out the test, as well as having check-ins and follow-ups with the company. It takes, on average, a total of three hours of work in addition to the tests, which are run during usual teaching time. When the test has been planned, you decide in collaboration with the company how much time you want to spend on the test itself. The agreed plan should be followed as far as possible. 

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