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Swedish Edtest provides preschool teachers, educators, and trainers with a tool to systematically assess and choose digital learning resources, influencing procurement and development.

Enhance your ability to evaluate digital learning resources

Through Swedish Edtest, you gain access to a research-based method that enables you to independently and collaboratively select and assess the digital learning resources used in your teaching. You'll have access to a digital tool that guides and supports you throughout the process, summarizes the assessments you make, thereby facilitating informed choices and increasing the opportunity to influence both procurement and the development of relevant digital learning resources. As a bonus, you will also receive a diploma demonstrating your participation and, in turn, enhancing your digital competence.

Learn more about how Swedish Edtest works below.

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How it works


  • Membership in Ifous: To participate in Swedish Edtest, your employer (educational organizer/school principal) must be a member of Ifous, the owner of Swedish Edtest. If you are not a member, learn more about membership here and contact us.
  • Also note that the digital plattform and tool for evaluating and testing is in Swedish.

Step by Step:

  1. Create an account and profile on Swedish Edtest. (Form in Swedish)
  2. Identify your needs, specifying the areas you plan to use the learning resource for.The method is based on four main areas: Subject Content, Skills and Abilities, Own Content, Assessment and Documentation, and two areas for adult education: Distance Education and Independent Work.
  3. Choose which learning resources you want to explore. You can find a presentation of companies that want their products evaluated on, where you can also filter by subject and area (purpose). Note: If you cannot find the learning resources/companies you are looking for, contact us at
  4. Contact the company/companies to schedule an initial meeting. Sometimes, we also organize joint matching events between companies and teachers. Check our calendar.
  5. If you decide to proceed, the planning begins, where participants determine the duration of the evaluation and testing period and when/how follow-ups occur.
  6. Everything is managed by the company on, where you can track your progress and access what is needed to conduct the evaluation (support questions, summaries, reflection questions, etc.).
  7. During the evaluation and testing period, it's essential to use the digital support available to easily summarize, reflect, and evaluate with both colleagues and the company. You decide how many evaluations to conduct and mark when you are finished so that the company receives a notification.
  8. At the end of the evaluation and testing period, you provide a summarizing evaluation that generates a report as feedback to the company on how they can further develop their educational resource.
  9. After completing an evaluation and testing period, you receive a diploma and are welcome to respond to a short survey about Swedish Edtest to help us refine and develop the method support.

It's important to note that as a testing teacher, you are not in any way obligated to a future purchase.

Frequently asked questions

How long does an evaluation take?

All evaluations are conducted within the framework of your teaching and what you have planned. You choose when and how many times you evaluate and test the choosen learning resource. On average, it usually takes about three hours from start to finish (including startup, evaluation, follow-up, and final evaluation). However, the exact setup and calendar time are planned together with the company whose product you want to evaluate.

What practical support can I get?

As a teacher, you don't need to handle formalities and technical preparations. Among the school organizers who are members of Ifous and engaged in Swedish Edtest, there should be a local process leader who provides support and participates in planning and follow-up. If needed, Swedish Edtest has a template that regulates what applies between the school organizer and the testing company. There is also support for handling issues such as GDPR-compliant personal data management and tips on how guardians can be informed.

Does it cost anything?

No, Swedish Edtest is free for members of Ifous, and you are not committed to any future purchases if you evaluate and test a new learning resource.

What can I evaluate and test?

Swedish Edtest focuses on digital teaching materials and learning resources that can be used in education at all levels—from preschool to adult education and in higher education. There are several different learning resources to test based on various subjects and areas. The page with learning resources is continually updated with companies that have products they want to be evaluated and tested.

What do I do if I can't find the learning resources/companies I want to evaluate?

Swedish Edtest is a tool for you to use when evaluating both new learning resources you are curious about and those you may have already invested in at school or with the school organizer. If you are missing an educational resource/company on our site, contact us at

Please inform the local process leader at your school to submit a list to us of the digital learning resources you currently have so that we can ensure the companies are included. As a company, you need to be a member of Swedish Edtech Industry to access Swedish Edtest.

What is expected of me?

It's important that you, as a teacher, take the time to plan and conduct the evaluations and have follow-ups with the company. On average, it takes three hours in addition to the actual conduct of the evaluations. Participants in an evaluation and testing period plan together how much time they want to allocate. The agreed-upon plan should be followed as much as possible, out of respect for each other's time.