17 augusti 2021
Av Edtest

Meet Astrid Education who participates in Educate

In September, Astrid Education is one of five companies participating in the EDUCATE Ventures Research research accelerator that we are conducting with Swedish Edtech Industry and researchers Anna Åkerfeldt and Italo Masiello. Here they share their thoughts on participation.
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Meet Astrid Education who participates in Educate

What value does a product create for pupils / students’ learning?
-The Astrid Magical Schoolbook gives young learners a fun way to practice English speaking, listening, and reading. Astrid uses engaging stories to expose learners to natural and level-appropriate English. Students can listen to stories or read stories aloud, with immediate feedback on their pronunciation.

What development do you hope to be able to take with the help of the Educate program?
-We hope that the Educate program will help us take our research to a higher level. We think Educate will give us the tools to do effective research on the impact our product has on learners, and will help us integrate this research into our product development processes.

Why is it important that Swedish edtech companies work with evidence-based?
-It’s important that all Ed Tech companies make evidence-based decisions so that they can improve their products to maximize learning. In the absence of evidence, Ed Tech development teams are flying blind, making guesses about what will be most useful to learners, with no way of knowing if they’re correct. Evidence on product effectiveness can also help students, parents, and teachers make more informed decisions about which products will be most useful for them.

In picure: Rachel Baker and Gabriella Westman